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Niceville Women's Soccer

TEAM Contract



We have all either played for or played against teams that lack the concept of being a team.  Examples of this include:  teams where there is one or two “superstars” and the rest of the players are just taking up space;  teams that only want to have anything to do with each other when they are on the field, but wouldn’t dream of hanging out off the field; teams that have an individual or two who make choices in their lives off the field that end up affecting the team as a whole.  Niceville has shown in the past that we are not just a team in name only, but a team that understands that we are more than just a team --- we are a family.  With that in mind we cannot let our goal of winning a state championship be at the mercy of lesser things.


We agree to support the Niceville High School Girls Soccer Team and to not distract from the team by adhering to the following:


We will not allow our academics to become a distraction by keeping our grades at C level and above.  We realize academics come first and it is our responsibility to take care of our grades.


We will not allow our behavior at school to become a distraction by obeying school rules.


We will not distract our team by bad-mouthing our teammates, whether it is about their playing or anything else.


We will not disrespect our team by showing up late to practice or to meeting times before games.


We will not disrespect our team by skipping practices or games.


We will not distract from our team by using alcohol or drugs.


We will support our team by giving 100% whether it be at practice, conditioning, or games.


We will support our team by encouraging our teammates on and off the field.


We will support our team by doing whatever it takes to make ourselves better players.


We will support our team by understanding that seeing “NHS Wins” in the newspaper is far more important than seeing our names in the same article.


We will support our team by following an Honor Code in which we will be the first to talk to Coach when we fail at any of point of this contract.


We will support our team by telling Coach when someone doesn’t abide by the Honor Code.


Failure to comply with the contract can result in consequences up to dismissal from the team at the discretion of Coach Denton and Coach Brown.