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Niceville Women's Soccer

Why Goals Are Scored


1) Lack of pressure on the man with the ball. The forward that breaks through for an uncontested shot. The midfielder with enough space to play the ball forward to the striker. Any player that can play the ball forward poses problems for the defense.

2) Lack of support for the pressurizing player. Attackers look for 1v1 opportunities in the attacking third. Here the return is worth the risk. Defenders try to minimize these situations. They try to keep enough players behind the ball so that when the first defender is beaten another is close enough to control the damage.

3) Giving the ball away. The careless square pass in midfield. The lost throwin. With so many players placing so little value on ball possession it's not hard to see this as a major factor in goal scoring.

4) Restarts. This is an opportunity for the attackers to use a rehearsed play. It is also impossible for the defenders to put pressure directly on the player with the ball.

5) Failure to track players down. When opponent's run at the defense late and from deep positions the defenders are faced with a significant soccer problem.

Note that reasons 1, 2 and 5 are directly related to a player being in the wrong position. The player is either too close, too far or at the wrong angle to the opponent. Reason 4 is partly because direct pressure cannot be applied to the ball. In all 3 out of 5 reasons why goals are scored are because a player was not at the correct place at the proper moment. This is often more of a breakdown in the decision making process then in execution of any technique.

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